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TOP 5: Most controversial ads in Television

Los cinco anuncios más polémicos

In our top 5 we talk about the more controversial ads in Television.

There are many ads, spots and advertising campaigns that move between an invisible line that makes a genius ad or generate a disproportionate controversy that can remove ads and kills the image of a brand.

We made a top 5 of the most controversial ads in Television in Spain. Some of them are retired in time to avoid brand reputation crises, others are still hanging on the internet. We talk about the top5 more controversial ads in Television.

Advertising Association: “RAE, limpia, fija y da esplendor”

We start with an ad created by the Advertising Association in Spain to celebrate the 300 years anniversary of RAE (Real Academia Española). And there is no way to make it worst. The ad simulates the typical ad for cleaning products and housewives. Feminist collectives describes the ad as “sexist”,”misogynist” and “discriminatory towards women”.

Desigual controversial ad “Tu Decides”

Desigual is one of the brands that has always moved in the fine line that separates the genius of the controversy. The first TV campaign and the intention of the brand to break taboos regarding sexuality and women’s freedom gave rise to a series of cool and funny TV ads, until “Tu Decides” ad. In it a woman puncture a condom to get pregnant just because “Life is cool”.

Loewe: “Madrid 1846”

In 2012, Loewe made a new strategies to promote the new bags collection among the young urban people. Instead of making the tippical fashion TV Commercial they made a short film with an interview to some young people from Madrid. Sentences like “being in love it’s cool”, “like butteflies in the stomac” o “one of the most cool things of spain are the spanish girls” made the TV Campaing at the center of consumer criticism.

Vitaldent: “Haz las paces con el dentista”

The controversial advertising campaign of Vitaldent generated a unanimous rejection by consumers and associations. In the ad we see some patients leave the consultation of a Latin dentist to go running to a Vitaldent center and to hug to the first professional. A spot that was considered “pejorative, demeaning and encourage xenophobic stereotypes” by the Consumers Association Facua.

Pepsi: “Life for now”

The latest example of a controversial advertising campaign. In the Pepsi ad entitled “Life for now” we see model Jenny Kendall in a street protest and in which he manages to repress the police action by offering a refreshment to an anti-riot agent. The ad has been labeled offensive and insensitive and has been scorned by social networks with a multitude of complaints about the vanity with which the brand has recreated a protest against the rights of people.

Pepsi has to apologize and ask sorry to Jenny Kendall to put her in this situation.


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