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Toyota will not air commercials of the Olympic Games in Japan

Toyota no emitirá anuncios en Japón

Toyota decides not to run commercial for the Olympic Games in Japan to safeguard its corporate image.

The dilemma of brands and sponsors with the Olympic Games in Japan, follows. The representatives of the Japanese brands will not attend the opening ceremony and withdraw their advertising campaigns in Japan.

The absence of spectators, the bubble of athletes and the rejection of the population to the celebration of these Olympic Games have left their mark on the 60 sponsors of the event. All the face-to-face initiatives cannot be carried out and many brands request a delay in the celebration in order to make their investments profitable, a scenario that the IOC does not rule out if an outbreak occurs among the participants.

One of the companies that has generated the most forceful actions is Toyota. The Japanese brand has decided not to broadcast any television commercials in Japan and its representatives will not attend the opening ceremony of the event. Other brands such as Panasonic and Fujitsu have joined the initiative. The company believes that this climate of uncertainty can damage its corporate image.

Toyota commercials in the rest of the world

Toyota thus stands on the side of the population to safeguard its reputation, a very important value in the Japanese country. Nonetheless, divisions in other countries have gone ahead to air their Olympic announcements. It has done so on NBC in the United States, where the advertising campaigns related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be broadcast.

Toyota’s commercial for the Olympic Games is titled “Never Stop” and stars Alexa Moreno, the first Mexican gymnast to win an Olympic medal. In the spot we can see images of her life, her origin and her work routines.

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