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Tramontina and Spotify team up to discover the flavors of music

The brand of kitchen Tramontina and Spotify team up to discover the flavors of music.

Music is an element that accompanies us in practically our entire life. There are times when we have it more present and others that less, but it always connects us with some lived moment, with some emotion or with some disconnection.

But have you stopped to think what your favorite song would like? This is what the kitchen utensils brand Tramontina and Spotify has done.

Under the project “Flavor of Song” they have created an algorithm that transforms music into flavor and converts any Spotify song into a unique recipe. The algorithm can generate forty-four million combinations based on synesthesia; a phenomenon in which sensory via stimulation leads to another similar experience in a second way. One sense influences the other. In this case, sound influences taste.

The project “Flavor of Song” has been developed by the neuroscientist Dr. Marcelo Costa, the musical director João Rocha and Renato Carioni, chef of the Bocuse D’or. All in collaboration with Spotify, which has lent itself to collaborate with other brands, just as it did with McDonald’s and its personalized playlist in restaurants.

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