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The emotional and emotional tribute of Nike to Kobe Bryant

Homenaje de Nike a Kobe Bryant | Mamba Forever

Nike pays tribute to Kobe Bryant with an advertising tribute before his funeral.

The death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and the other components of the wrecked helicopter has shaken the world of sports. A loss difficult to understand for all those basketball lovers. And more in the case of Kobe Bryant, the successor of the mythical Michael Jordan.

In these cases you have to have tact to make any tribute, especially if they come from the brands that sponsored Kobe. You have to go with lead feet to want to say goodbye to the star and not try – let’s not forget, we’re in advertising – get a revenue as a brand.

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Nike’s tribute to Kobe Bryant is a very recurring minimalism exercise in the latest announcements of the American brand. Very similar to that “Time is Precious” where letters were overprinted on a black background. “Mamba Forever” is the commercial that was released just before the funeral of the star in Los Angeles.

The word “Forever” is fixed to the right side of the screen on a black background while constructing phrases referring to Kobe Bryant. His successes in basketball, his awards, his titles and his facet as father, husband and legend.

A heartfelt tribute from Nike to Kobe Bryant to fire one of the best athletes of all time.

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