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Viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League: TimeZone

TimeZone is the last viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League for workers who watch the match in the office.

The Heineken advertising campaigns associated with the Champions League every day surprise us more. And it is not easy as they have been carrying out viral marketing campaigns very originals.

Heineken’s last viral campaign has been made in Brazil, where the passion of Brazilians for football is well known. The problem comes when they want to see a Champions League match as these are played at 20:45 in Europe while in Latin America is 11 in the morning.

This causes many workers to see the party in their jobs, – as in Pirelli Brazil – lowering their productivity in those hours while they watch the game on their smartphones, laptops and other devices.

Heineken and Pirelli agreed to give a scare to those workers who had stopped working to watch the match. With a hidden camera joke and, after the reprimand by the manager, they were offered to enter the program ‘Heineken TimeZone’ and adapt their work day to the one they do in Europe.

From that moment and through a smartwatch of the brand, they had to fulfill a series of objectives and habits in order to keep pace with European time. Get up early, go to work when everything is closed, eat when done in Europe and several fun situations more that lead to a final surprise for workers watching the match of the Champions League.

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