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Volvo Trucks plays with mystery by hiding its truck in plain sight

The Baldwin& agency is in charge of the advertising campaign

Volvo Trucks | #Whatthetruck

Volvo Trucks hides its new truck model in plain sight to play tricks.

If there is a brand that is not conservative when it comes to advertising, it is Volvo’s subsidiary, Volvo Trucks. We all remember the epic ad with Van Damme, “Epic Split” that was crowned the best advert of the decade for Eslogan Magazine. Or “The Tower”, where they grouped all the trucks together and put the president of the company on top.

Now they are presenting a new model again and to enhance the element of surprise, they placed a new camouflaged model… in an area for truckers. A surprise action before unveiling the model on January 23.

#WhatTheTruck is the campaign concept created by the agency Baldwin&, specialized in creating brands that make a difference. The idea is to generate excitement while hiding in plain sight. And the tests of the new top-secret model on the road attracted the attention of groups of truck drivers, who published photos on social networks.

Thus, the brand decided to park its new truck model, camouflaged and with the hashtag #WhatTheTruck in a rest area for truckers. Afterwards, they recorded all the reactions on a hidden camera to know the drivers’ surprise.

To the surprise, many discovered and explored the outside of the truck, while actors dressed as truckers encouraged them to post photos using the hashtag #WhatTheTruck. We hear comments about what brand the truck may be, whether it is electric or a self-driving model. The result? The official presentation will be made on January 23.

According to Mitch Bennett, executive creative director of Baldwin&: “Volvo Trucks is changing the future of transportation, and there are already truckers who have seen the new model on the roads. Let’s increase the mystery by giving them something to talk about by parking our secret truck in the least secret place : a busy truck stop. To get honest and unbiased reactions, we let the new Volvo VNL speak for itself without any indication of the brand. During a day of filming, we saw driver after driver impressed and curious to know more.”

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