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Volvo uses sockets in houses as an interactive experience

Volvo's original proposal has been carried out by Gray Brazil and Gray New York.

Volvo utiliza los enchufes | Volvo Electric Showroom

Volvo Electric Showroom, Volvo uses the sockets in the campaign to promote its electric range.

Nobody doubts that the most immediate future of the automotive industry is electric. The brands already have electric iterations of the most demanded models on the market and it is a matter of time before the market turns to the electric model.

Before this trend arrives, brands are taking the opportunity to renew their brand image to sell themselves as an essential sector for the care of our planet. Of course they are the examples of the Audi advertising campaign or the Renault adverts.

Now it is Volvo who is launching a new advertising campaign to announce its new electric model, the Volvo C40. And it does it in an original way by creating content linked to the plug in your house.

“Every electric socket in the World” is the title of the action developed by Gray Brazil and Gray New York. An interactive experience that you can only access by pointing your smartphone at the plug in your house and that will allow you to discover the attributes of the new Volvo and even schedule a test drive.

And how does the technology work? The smartphone camera identifies the power outlet as if it were a QR code. Then it provides access to all the content and virtual reality experiences in which the Volvo C40 presents us. According to João Caetano Executive Creative Director of Gray Brazil: “To launch Volvo’s first Pure Electric model, we needed an idea that was simple. As simple as plugging your car into the electrical outlet, bringing electrification even closer to the consumer and turning the outlet into a brand icon.”

New content, entertainment, informative content, services and even promotions of Volvo’s electrified ranges will be added to the platform.

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