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A website made with chocolate from Hershey’s: #Eaternet

Hershey’s in Brazil has created a website made with chocolate that you can eat.

Hershey’s is one of the largest food multinationals in the world. Founded in 1894 in the United States, its bar of chocolate is an icon in the American culture that throughout generations have lived with the products manufactured by the chocolat company.

The Hershey’s marketing department in Brazil create a campaign to make their website more “appetizing”. So they created #Eaternet, a website made with chocolate that people could eat.

Web hecha con chocolate Hershey's

And how did they do it? The concept was to create a website filled with chocolate objects that replaced the classic elements of a web. Buttons, images, sunglasses, emojis, moustache, and a lot of products created with chocolate. Everything on the site was susceptible to being eaten. For this you had to buy a Hershey’s bar and apply the code of the wrap into the website and try to win a piece of the web.

More than 150 chocolate molds were distributed in 1,200 different illustrations, all available to those consumers graced with a piece of the web that they sent home.

The #Eaternet campaign generated 3.6 millions of visits, with a 83 millions impacts in the media and increase in a 20% the chocolate sells. Win 120.000 subscriptors, and an engagement in Social Media of 1,7 millions. Hershey’s sended 2 tons of chocolate to their consumers.




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