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Adidas and Gucci launch a new collaborative collection

Adidas x Gucci combines the emblems of the maison with the hallmarks of the sportswear brand

Adidas y Gucci | Colección Colaborativa

Adidas and Gucci have launched a new collaborative collection that mixes graphic elements from the two brands.

In the world of marketing and advertising, collaborative collections have brought us great partnerships that we never thought would happen. This is the case of Lacoste and Minecraft, Pokémon and Oreo or Adidas and Lego. Specific collections or objects that have delighted fans of the brand and have provided a plus of creativity that otherwise would not have been achieved.

Now it is the turn of Adidas and Gucci who, on the occasion of Milan fashion week, dared to launch a collection combining graphic elements from both brands.

“Adidas x Gucci” is the name of the collaboration of Adidas and Gucci. A creative proposal by Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci who has placed his proposal as one of the biggest attractions of the year.

The collection was presented at Milan Fashion Week and pieces that the brands are now debuting could be seen in detail. Garments are combined with graphic elements mixing styles. Sweatpants with the Adidas triple stripe on one leg and the Gucci tri-stripe on the other. Or prints that combine the Adidas logo with the Gucci monogram.

The campaign is inspired by an archive Adidas catalog from 1979 and that retro vibe permeates the entire collection. For its premiere, Carlin Jacobs has launched this campaign that captures the essence of the collection in motion. The entire collection has been made from environmentally friendly materials.

The collection is available in selected stores, as well as on the official Gucci website and in the ephemeral pop-ups of the Italian house.

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