The spectacular animation of the BBC for the Olympic Games

The spectacular animation of the BBC Sport for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

The Olympic Games arrive and the sponsoring brands begin to release their advertising campaigns. They do not usually have the same reputation as the Olympic Games but the world of winter sports moves audiences that interest big brands. P&G has already made another of its spectacular campaigns with “Thank You, Mom” and brands are starting to release their advertising campaigns.

One of them is BBC Sport; they have created a spectacular animation to publicize the broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

Animación de la BBC Fearless

The animation entitled “The Fearless are Here” is done in dark and red tones. These accentuate the fears that athletes face to overcome the tests at the Olympic Games. An abstract journey that shows us the obstacles that athletes face in order to be the best.

The animation of the BBC has been devised by Y&R London and performed by Smith & Foulkes of Nexus Studios.

Via | Creatividad en Blanco


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