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AXA creates Smartbell. An intelligent bell for the bicycles

AXA creates a Smartbell. An intelligent bell for bicycles designed to warn nearby cars.

In cities, cars and bicycles must share space, respect traffic rules and watch each other. While the current vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to avoid collisions; bicycles are still very vulnerable to any collision with a vehicle, and the consequences for the rider could be fatal.

Although precautions are taken, drivers drive with distractions within the vehicle that decrease the concentration on the road. The radio on, talking hands-free or watching the kids in the back seat. These are some of the numerous examples that can distract us from what happens on the road.

Axa creates Smartbell

Meanwhile, the cyclist has only one element to be noticed on the road: The bell. In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents in the city, the insurance company AXA creates Smartbell an intellinget bell for the bicycle.

With RDS technology to transmit a signal to all the radios of nearby cars. With Smartbell, drivers can be alerted about bikes approaching their blind spot and avoid a collision that could be fatal.

A good initiative to provide a new tool to the bike so you can warn the neighboring cars and avoid a possible accident.


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