The best commercials about motherhood

An advertising tribute to the wonderful world of motherhood

Best Commercials of Motherhood

Peace Within Chaos: We Analyze The Best Commercials About Motherhood.

Advertising is nothing more than the combination of what the brand wants to communicate with the personal experiences of the creative person who carries out the campaign. This ability to empathize will be key for the advertising campaign to connect the brand and the consumer.

If you look closely, in each type of advertising we will be able to decipher the vital moment in which the creative person who carries it out is. If you are young and go out with friends, you have just had a child or lost a loved one. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we wanted to make a compilation of the best maternity advertisements. A tribute from creatives for all those families who have just had a baby.

Danone – “Post-Partum Breathing”

We start with the Danone commercial to present “Vital” in Argentina. The campaign, carried out by BBDO, presents us with her vision of motherhood from a more realistic point of view “Postpartum breathing”.

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Coca-Cola – “Being Fathers”

We continue in Argentina and remember the fun campaign that Coca-Cola carried out to present Coca-Cola Life. “Being parents” reflects how motherhood makes you work hard and, even though things sometimes get complicated, they bring out the best in us.

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Nike – “The toughest athletes”

In 2020 Nike announced a new line of sportswear intended for maternity. Under the name of Nike (M), the multinational launched new pieces of maternity and postpartum sportswear to meet the needs of pregnant mothers who wanted to play sports. The advertisement reflects the testimony of more than twenty mothers in different stages of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum and lactation.

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Dove – “Under Pressure”

“Under Pressure” is the title of Dove’s maternity campaign. After giving birth, mothers find themselves in the most transformative time of their lives. The pressure of being the perfect mom means avoiding talking about the daunting challenges of motherhood. One in five mothers will experience mental health problems such as postpartum blues, postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression.

See Dove’s commercial

Phillips – “Energia de Madre”

We end with an action carried out by Phillips in Argentina. To pay tribute to mothers, With “Mother Energy,” Phillips created shoe inserts that have a built-in battery to store kinetic energy when the shoes are moved throughout the day. The recipient of that energy was the birth unit of an Argentine hospital.

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