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Best Commercials of 2019

Best Commercials of 2019

Un listado actualizado de los mejores anuncios de 2019.

The year is reaching its equator and big advertising campaigns are already coming up. At the end of the year we usually take stock and give our list with the best commercials of the year, as we did with the best commercials of 2018. So we will be doing a compilation of the best commercials that come out during the year. Great creative ideas that may be left out of our list, but that undoubtedly deserve our full attention.

This 2019 is being marked without any doubt by the change that brands are championing. A change that has had its maximum exponent with the celebration of the feminine world-wide one of soccer of Germany. Big brands have bet openly to lead those changes that society has been claiming for some time.

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We leave you with the best commercials of 2019.

Grocey Pickup Wallmart

At the beginning of 2019, the Wallmart food chain surprised us by announcing its new “Grocery Pick” system, showing us the most iconic cars in the world of cinema.

HBO – 20 años de los Soprano.

HBO en Twitter Los Soprano

Our next entry in the list is not an advertisement per se, but it was such a magnitude of scope that we think it appropriate to place it here. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the premiere of the Sopranos, HBO’s Twitter account flew social networks thanks to a brilliant idea that went viral.

Watch Full Notice here.

Gillette – The Best Men Can Be

At the beginning of the year, Gillette was beginning to show us the trend that all brands would begin to follow. Ads claiming to be different as a society, trying to change the role that men have always been granted. An ad that raised blisters in the more traditional male community.

Ikea – The NightClub

Ikea’s advertising campaigns always bring us great marketing actions. His idea of creating a nightclub where he only goes to sleep has been the most original we have seen this year.

Hennessy – The Seven Worlds

Hennessy’s commercial will not be the most creative of the year, but it is certainly one of the most precious we have seen. Directed by Ridley Scott, who returned to shoot publicity after 15 years without doing so, it leaves us spectacular images and an impeccable performance.

Nike – Dream Crazier

Nike this year is willing to have no one remove the throne. “Air” was the best commercial of the year in 2018 and this year has been hitting hard thanks to its Dream Crazier campaign.

Dove – #ShowUs

#ShowUs is Dove’s campaign to reclaim the role of ordinary women in advertising aimed at the female audience. With #ShowUs they want to break with the stereotypes of beauty showing those “real” women and not what others think they should be.

Mercedes-Benz – The Journey that Changed Everything

“The Journey that changed everything” tells the true story of Bertha Benz, wife and business partner of Carl Benz, founder of the brand. We see how he made the one that is considered the first long distance trip in the world, which he made driving from Mannheim to Pforzheim in 1888.

Lakewood Guitars – Wake Her Soul

Sometimes, advertising gives us some jewels. This is the case of the emotional commercial of Lakewood guitars. “Wake Her Soul” to Henry recover and play the strings of his dusty acoustic guitar. At the moment, memories of days gone by are shot in your brain. A simple, emotional and tender advertisement.

Danone – Respiración Post-Parto

Danone’s commercial to reposition its Vital brand gives its vision on motherhood with “Post-partum Breathing” in which they seek to give a different view of motherhood from a more realistic point of view.

Purina Street Vet

StreetVet is an opis that analyzes the dog’s urine. The inside of the base performs a quick test that checks the animal’s health. These results are formed on the screen and, if there is an alarm indicator, they recommend the user some guidelines to follow.

The Vampire Poster

To celebrate the series “The Passage”, in Brazil they created an opis with an interior poster. This, at dawn they burned with the first rays of sun. “The Vampire Poster” recreates one of the most famous peculiarities of vampires, exposure to sunlight.

Renault – Dragones y Mazmorras

Renault’s commercial of “Dungeons and Dragons” is an adaptation of the popular games. In the we see an adaptation of the series with the protagonists face the master of the dungeon.

Nike – Dream Further

On the occasion of the women’s World Cup the sportswear brand has launched an attractive campaign to promote women’s football. Nike wanted to make muscle, as it did in its day with that fantastic “Airport”, it wants to mark a before and after in its brand strategy regarding the sponsorship of women’s football.



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