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  • Ikea Best Commercials of History

    Ikea Best Commercials of History

    We list the best Ikea advertising campaigns. Ikea advertising campaigns never leave indifferent. The brand leaves total freedom to the creative departments of each country to carry out their advertising campaigns. With this, it has managed to segment its actions…

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  • Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube

    The most viewed commercials on YouTube in 2020

    These are the most viewed commercials on our YouTube channel A year ago, those international advertisements were published on our YouTube channel. Always respecting the original source, mentioning it but with a desire to safeguard that more creative, more original,…

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  • Best Commercials of 2020

    The Best Commercials of 2020

    We analyze the best commercials of 2020 so far The year 2020 has reached its equator and it does very tired. Even so, it has provided us with great advertising campaigns. At telling, advertising agency we take stock at the…

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  • The Best Volkswagen Commercials

    We analyze the five best Volkswagen commercials. Volkswagen’s history has always been associated with advertising. But it was not until the Beetle arrive to the United States in the 60s when it was decided to bet on the realization of…

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  • The Best BMW Commercials

    We analyze the five best commercials of BMW Behind the acronym “Bayerische Motor Werke” lies the German car manufacturer BMW. A lot has changed the “Bavarian Motor Factory” since in 1919 was dedicated to manufacturing engines for German aircraft for…

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  • Best Commercials of 2019

    Best Commercials of 2019

    Un listado actualizado de los mejores anuncios de 2019. The year is reaching its equator and big advertising campaigns are already coming up. At the end of the year we usually take stock and give our list with the best…

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  • Best Commercials of Womens Football

    The best commercials for women’s football

    We analyze which are the best commercials for women’s football Women’s football is in a sweet moment. After a long time, women who practice the king sport are beginning to be recognized all over the world. They are still far…

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  • Best Sony Commercials of History

    TOP5: Sony best commercials of history

    We analyzed the best ads throughout the Sony’s history To talk about Sony is to talk about history. In 1946 Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita decided to set up a company to create and repair electronic equipment. From there was born…

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  • Best Commercials of Pepsi and Coca-Cola

    The Best Coca-Cola vs Pepsi commercials

    We analyze the century-old rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi through its advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been battling for control of the territories for more than 100 years. A story that began in 1886 when Dr. John Stith Pemberton…

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  • The Best Adidas Commercials

    TOP5: Adidas best commercials

    Advertising history. We reviewed the five best Adidas commercials throughout its history. The history of Adidas has been defined as an authentic family soap opera. In his day we reviewed the story of Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in our article…

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  • The Best Super Bowl Commercials

    The Best Super Bowl Commercials

    The best Super Bowl commercials between Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. Another year of SuperBowl arrives. And as always, in Telling, advertising agency brings you the best SuperBowl commercials. The moment of the year where all brands…

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  • Cinco mejores anuncios de Pepsi

    Five best advertising campaigns of Pepsi

    We reviewed Pepsi’s five best advertising advertisements throughout its history. The history of Pepsi begins in 1893 in New Ber, North Carolina. Caleb Bradham, a pharmaceutical chemist, devised this drink to help digestion and act  as a stimulant. Known at…

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  • The Best Apple Commercials

    Top 10 best Apple Commercials

    We reviewed the 10 best Apple Commercials. From ‘1984’ to ‘Welcome home’. Apple commercials have always had something special. They are often inspiring, motivating, capable of transmitting feelings and occasionally “attacking” the competition in an ingenious way. There are many…

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  • Best Coca-Cola Commercials of History

    Top5: The best Coca-Cola commercials of all time

    We reviewed the five best Coca-Cola commercials throughout its history. John Pemberton couldn’t think when he devised a medicinal drink in 1886 that would become the most consumed soft drink in the world. And even less than after placing a…

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  • Nike Best Advertising Campaigns

    TOP5: Nike best advertising campaigns

    Advertising History. We take a look to the 5 Nike best advertising campaigns through its history. Today we are going to review the top five advertising campaigns of Nike. Advertising History. One of the greatest brands, only comparable to Coca-Cola or Google for…

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