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TOP5: Nike best advertising campaigns

Nike Best Advertising Campaigns

Advertising History. We take a look to the 5 Nike best advertising campaigns through its history.

Today we are going to review the top five advertising campaigns of Nike. Advertising History. One of the greatest brands, only comparable to Coca-Cola or Google for example. A company that has managed to position its brand, logo and slogan to a certain way of understanding the sport: Move, break personal boundaries and get what you set out for. Just Do It.The history of Nike advertising has had ups and downs, as is normal, but overall the tonic has been outstanding. Trying to innovate, proposing new ways of communicating, new ideas and new concepts have made Nike advertising something totally recognizable around the world. And it is not easy being a company of manufacture of sports footwear. Let’s take a look to the Nike best advertising campaigns.

5. Just Do It – 1988

The famous slogan of Nike Just Do It made presence in 1988. The phrase was included as a closing of a campaign of television carried out by a pensioner of 80 years who ran many kilometers each day and became a catchy element for the spectators.

4. Michael Jordan and Spike Lee

Nike was one of the pioneers in paying athletes to wear their shoes. One of his great successes was to hire a young Michael Jordan and make a line of exclusive products called “Air Jordan”. The ad featuring Spike Lee and Michael Jordan kicked off a mythical product line.

3. Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras

When it comes to sponsoring athletes, Nike opts for Americans. Among them were Pete Sampras and André Agassi who staged an unforgettable time raising Nike’s popularity ratings. In 1995 to realize what would later be known as “Guerrilla Marketing”, simulating to cut the streets of New York and the traffic to realize a game of tennis.

2. Nike – Airport

In the late 90’s Nike decided to sponsor teams and stars of an exotic sport for them, who practically did not understand anything: Soccer. For this he created the division Nike Football and studied the soccer culture in each country where football raised passions. Then sponsored the Brazilian soccer team and made this phantastic ad in an evolution of the advertisement starring Sampras and Agassi but this time at an airport.

1. Nike – Good vs. Evil

And we came to the end of our series on the best advertising ads from Nike. When it came to sponsoring players, Nike decided on those footballers who offered something different to the world of football. Eric Cantona, Ronaldo, Kluivert, Figo, Maldini, etc … All of them different footballers and the cracks that marked the difference in their teams. It was not until Euro 1996 in which Nike decided to release ‘Good vs Evil’. A spectacular tv ad that was dedicated almost a special event on European television the night of the premiere.


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