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Ikea Best Commercials of History

A review of the best Ikea ads throughout its history.

Ikea Best Commercials of History

We list the best Ikea advertising campaigns.

Ikea advertising campaigns never leave indifferent. The brand leaves total freedom to the creative departments of each country to carry out their advertising campaigns. With this, it has managed to segment its actions and achieve more personalized advertising adapted to the idiosyncrasies of each country.

Thanks to this decision, Ikea has launched emotional, impressive, original and creative advertising campaigns. Actions that have always caught the attention of consumers and become viral.

That is why we want to review the best Ikea adverts throughout its history. We will see romantic, intimate and surreal ads, but they do not go unnoticed.

As always, we encourage you to mention in the comments or on social media any ads you create that should be on this list. We leave you with the best ikea adverts.


Lamp 2

Living Together

¡Tengo derecho a mi fiesta!

No es más rico el que más tiene

Esto no se toca

“Bienvenido a la República Independiente de Tu Casa”

My Son

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