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Pay with creativity in the new BIC Store

The original BIC store in Belgium where you pay with creativity has been made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the brand.

BIC, the French company based in Clichy turns 60. Founded in 1945 by Marcel Bich, the company became popular making disposable products at low cost, like pens, lighters and razors.

But if there is a product that has made the BIC brand world famous that has been your ballpoint BIC. The first product of the company is still today the best selling product of the French multinational and is the most used by students and professors due to its economic price and the durability of the ink.

Tienda de BIC

Now to celebrate its 60th anniversary they have opened a shop in the city of Antwerp (Antwerp), Belgium where you can pay with creativity. The BIC store allows you to scribble with your pens on paper with the bill measures. These “personalized coins” are used to buy decoration elements made with cardboard and paper.

Tienda de BIC

Under the motto “Pay With Creativity” the brand has selected some sketches of customers who have created their tickets and purchased objects at the BIC store in Antwerp. An original way to celebrate the 60 years of the company giving freedom to those who have made your product great.


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