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Who sing the Disney’s Christmas Commercial Song? [2022]

The song for the Disney Christmas commercial is an original theme

Canción del anuncio de Disney - The Gift

Whose song is played in Disney’s Christmas commercial “The Gift”?

The Christmas commercials of this 2022 are already being released and the Disney Christmas commercial is one of the most relevant. “The Gift” is the closing to the trilogy “From our family to yours”  that began in 2020 and recounts the arrival of a new member to the family.

The animation has been carried out by the animation studio Flux Animation Studios, which has already carried out the other two advertising campaigns. Disney’s Christmas advert “The Gift” features, of course, a song made especially for the occasion. But… Whose song is the Disney Christmas ad for 2022?

The song from the Disney Christmas spot sung by Jessica Darrow

Disney’s Christmas commercial song is titled “A Little More” and is sung by Jessica Darrow, star of the 2021 Oscar-winning film “Encanto.” Songwriters PARKWILD, Sofia Quinn and Rose Tan have performed the theme song for Disney’s Christmas commercial.

Actress Jessica Darrow provides a powerful vocal narration to the publicity piece. The actress is known for playing Luisa Madrigal in the movie “Encanto” and singing the song “Surface Pressure” which reached the top three positions on the UK singles chart. This song has more than 275 million views on YouTube.

According to Jessica Darrow, the song actress in the Disney Christmas commercial: “The holidays hold such a special place in my heart and what better way to reunite with family and loved ones than through the joy of music? It was such a wonderful song to perform, and I can’t wait for everyone to see the heartwarming story that concludes this inspiring trilogy.”

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