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The emotive Disney Christmas commercial: “The Gift”

Flux Animation Studios has been in charge of the animation of the campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Disney | The Gift 2022

Disney’s Christmas commercial is an emotional story about the arrival of a new member of the family.

Once November arrives and after the Halloween holiday, the brands begin to launch their Christmas campaigns. The fact that families have advanced their Christmas purchases to Black Friday causes brands to launch their campaigns earlier.

This is the case of the Lego Christmas commercial launched this week and which competes with the Disney campaign for being the first brand to attract the attention of consumers.

“The Gift” is the title of Disney’s Christmas commercial made by the New Zealand company Flux Animation Studios and coordinated from the Disney subsidiary in the United Kingdom. This piece is the last of the trilogy “From our family to yours” that began in 2020. The previous Disney Christmas campaign put us in the shoes of an adoptive father with “Stepdad” and this year presents us with the arrival of a new member to the family.

The weight of the leading role falls on Nicole who, with her emotions and conflicts, awaits the arrival of a little brother during the Christmas holidays. As in the previous installments, the Mickey Mouse doll will be the catalyst for the emotions experienced by the little girl.

According to Sarah Fox, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Disney: “We always want the families that appear in our productions to resonate with people around the world and be perceived as universal; and, in that sense, this year’s campaign is no different. This trilogy has allowed us to delve deeper into our characters and tell interconnected stories.”

Disney’s Christmas commercial song is titled “A little more” and is composed specifically for the advert. The actress Jessica Darrow is sung to whom she already gave the voice to the character Luisa Madrigal from the movie “Encanto”.

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