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Dove’s commercial against hair discrimination associated with race

Anuncio de Dove | As Early As Five

Dove’s commercial highlights the study carried out by the company and wants to avoid discrimination for hair associated with race.

In 2021, Dove conducted a study titled “Crown Research Study for Girls” revealing the alarming rate and young age at which African-American girls experience hair discrimination in schools. This fact occurs at five years of age and Dove wanted to give it relevance in its latest advertising campaign.

The brand has a permanent commitment to eradicate hair discrimination through the United States Crown Law. The study also reveals that 53% of girls begin to experience discrimination from the age of five and that 86% do so from the age of twelve.

Dove’s commercial is titled “A Early As Five” and is inspired by too many true stories. It has been made by the Ogilvy London agency and directed by Aisha Ford. The campaign portrays three common scenarios for discrimination: in elementary school, in high school, and in job interviews. All scenarios are inspired by real life.

With this campaign, Dove aims to stoke a sense of urgency among parents, managers and executives to sign up to the Crown Act to end racial discrimination in the United States.

According to Esi Eggleston, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Unilever North America: “Our study found that African-American women are 80% more likely to change the natural state of their hair to suit their office. Now, this new job highlights the horrific multi-generational impact of narrow beauty standards in the U.S. These biases perpetuate unfair discrimination against African-American women and girls stemming from hair styles inherent in our culture.”

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