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“Erase is creating”, the fun billboards of Faber-Castell

The agency DAVID São Paulo has carried out this ingenious advertising campaign

Erase is Creating | Faber Castell

Faber-Castell’s “Erase is creating” shows us that error is a part of the creative process.

In a global and digital age, classic advertising has been dethroned by programmatic advertising and viral campaigns. That is why when we see a simple but powerful idea, it attracts our attention even more.

Es el caso de la última campaña en publicidad exterior de Faber-Castell, la fábrica de material escolar y una de las empresas alemanas más antiguas, fundada en 1761.

Erase is Creating | Faber Castell

“Erase is Creating” is the title of the outdoor advertising campaign carried out by the DAVID São Paulo agency. The idea is to stimulate the creative potential of people and for this he defends that this creativity can manifest itself in different ways. One of them may be the simple fact of destroying or erasing works already carried out. And it is that sometimes the most complex challenges can have a simpler solution than you think.

Through a minimalist aesthetic, “Erase is Creating” presents us with an outdoor advertising campaign in the form of cartoons. On the left, the main idea; on the right, the final creation. A small change that varies the vision of the whole. All thanks to the Faber-Castell eraser that invites us to use new angles to creatively face the world’s challenges.

Borrar es crear | Faber Castell

Borrar es crear | Faber Castell



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