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Go BKK by Nike: The original initiative to turn running into a game

Go BKK de Nike | Bangkok

Go BKK by Nike is an original initiative to turn running into a game where you can get products.

Thanks to the emergence of new technologies we have been able to see new ways of interacting with users. One of them is gamification in the world of marketing. Gamification is about becoming part of a game where you can get prizes and rewards. This is where brands must squeeze the brain to get loyalty and get us to follow the game.

One of these initiatives has been Go BKK by Nike which has been carried out in Bangkok as a test. To present their last shoe, they have distributed a series of beacons around the city that you must get. The more you get, the more rewards you will have.

According to Nike Thailand, in Bangkok most runners run on the gym tapes or in closed parks making circles.For Nike, running should be fun and enriching. For this he has encouraged all the runners in Bangkok to explore the city.

And how it works? Go BKK by Nike proposes us to get a series of virtual “tokens” spread throughout the city. These beacons are connected via Bluetooth to our devices. The more chips you get, the greater rewards you will have. “Pokemon Go” style, but running.

To encourage runners, Nike proposes special events. Point multipliers when running at night, touring a specific circuit or special events that end in concert. The result? In 15 days more than 15,000 runners, 35,000km and more than 3,000,000 chips collected. Hopefully they export it to our country soon, right?

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