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Heinz labels made with people’s drawings: “Heinz Draw”

Etiquetas de Heinz Draw Ketchup

Heinz asked people to draw ketchup, and they have applied the result to their packaging with “Heinz Draw Ketchup”

When we talked about Coca-Cola’s “Alphabet” campaign, we made reference to the fact that the multinational’s bottle is one of the best known in the world. Well, if there is any other brand container that can shade it, that is definitely the Heinz bottle.

And that’s the starting point for Heinz’s new campaign, asking people to draw a bottle of ketchup. The social experiment resulted in everyone drawing the Heinz bottle and labels. A clear example of how influential is the packaging created by Heinz.

The campaign is titled “Heinz Draw Ketchup” and is the work of Rethink Agency of Canada. It is accompanied by a very funny audiovisual piece thanks to the reactions of the different “artists”.

And it is that Heinz labels made with drawings did not pretend to be more than an experiment, but the brand has used those designs in its products. Accompanied by the text “We asked people to draw ketchup, they draw Heinz”. The designs have been displayed on the supermarket shelves.

According to Daniel Gotlib, director of development and innovation for Kraft Heinz in Canada: “Consumers love the unmistakable taste of Heinz. When we anonymously asked consumers to draw ketchup, we saw that they envision Heinz. From our deep red color and name to the label and, of course, our glass bottle. “

Heinz illustrations made by people have been used in outdoor advertising campaigns in Canada. Also a temporary edition of bottles with these labels that were sold in supermarkets.

Etiquetas de Heinz Draw Ketchup

Heinz Draw Ketchup

Etiquetas de Heinz Draw Ketchup

Heinz Draw Ketchup

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