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The Ikea curtains that purify the air

Cortinas de Ikea anticontaminantes

The Ikea curtains purify the air thanks to a technology that breaks down the polluting airs.

Air pollution has become one of the greatest risks to our health. According to OMS, one in eight people dies from diseases caused by this problem.
And the problem is not the air we breathe outside the home, in some places pollution can be up to five times greater inside our house.

To mitigate this problem, Ikea has created curtains that help purify the air. A team of engineers, specialists and designers have created a technology that allows us to break down the most common air pollutants in our home, such as odors or formaldehyde.

But how do the Ikea curtains work? Called Gunrid, they are covered with a catalyst photo based on minerals. It is activated by the light of the sun’s rays and decomposes the most polluting elements in the air. A multifunctional product that improves our lives at home.

The Ikea curtains are in the testing phase in the laboratory to pass the latest tests before being commercialized next year according to forecasts.

Via | La Criatura Creativa 



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