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Ikea furniture is now more accessible for people with disabilities

Ikea has developed some accessories to make its furniture more accessible to people with disabilities.

Since it was founded in 1943 in Småland, Ikea has always defended the same philosophy. “Create a better day by day for most people. Offering a good, functional and affordable home products. “ A philosophy that has earned them to become a benchmark around the world when it comes to decorating your home.

Now, the brand makes Ikea furniture more accessible to people with disabilities, has joined with the NGO Milbat and Access Israel to develop accessories that help existing furniture to be more accessible.

The “ThisAbles” collection modifies thirteen of the Ikea furniture to improve its performance. For example, a larger switch for the Ranarp lamp or wedges for raising the Karlstad sofa are some of the modifications made. Above all, it seeks to improve existing products to make them more accessible.

This campaign has been carried out in Israel and all the designs are freely available at Thus, anyone can print them in 3D in their country. We leave you with some of these products.

Campaña “ThisAbles, de Ikea.

Via | Criatura Creativa



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