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The interactive billboard that activates when a smoker passes next by

The interactive billboard of Apotek Hjärtat in Stockholm is activated when a smoker passes next by.

Although government measures and public awareness to incite you to stop smoking are quite strong, there are still many smokers who have not given up the habit of lighting a cigarette when they are on the street.

To continue struggling against tobacco, pharmaceutical Apotec Hjärtat has made an interactive billboard in Stockholm called ‘The Coughing Billboard’ that is activated when a smoker passes by. The sensors it carries built-in allows the protagonist of the ad coughing every time he detects a pedestrian smoking in front of the billboard.

Mupi Interactivo de Apotek Hjartat

Once it has caught the attention of the smoker, they show a series of products to stop smoking. An original interactive billboard to sensitize against smoking and promote your products.



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