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Decathlon’s original action: A discount if your bike is stolen

The sports brand initiative took place in Canada

Acción Decathlon | Stolen Discount

Decathlon’s action in Canada is called “Stolen Discount” and offers you a discount if your bike has been stolen.

When it comes to creating original advertising campaigns, creatives have no limits. They literally have the world to do whatever they want, they just have to imagine it. That is why actions in outdoor advertising or ambient marketing are usually so spectacular. They break with the canons of advertising to offer something more innovative and original.

This is the case of the last Decathlon action in Canada, specifically in Toronto and Hamilton. Some cities where unfortunately bicycle theft is the order of the day. To alleviate this disappointment, the French multinational has devised an original way to offer you a discount.

“Stolen Discount” is the title of the Decathlon action in Toronto and Hamilton. The idea is simple, a discount of $50 for any bicycle if you present the complaint that you have made to the police if your bike has been stolen.

To do this, they placed graphic advertisements in the city’s newspapers and graphic pieces in bicycle parking spaces announcing the measure. According to Marie-Lou Blais, Director of Communications for Decathlon Canada: “At Decathlon, accessibility is paramount. We believe that regardless of ability, income or gender, all Canadians should be able to participate in sports to maintain a healthy lifestyle. healthy.”

For his part, Clément Martin, Senior Strategist at Rethink, said: “We looked at all the barriers that prevented Torontonians from playing sports, and there were many: the cost of living, the lack of infrastructure or the lack of space. But if there was one obstacle that stood out and symbolized the difficulty of doing sports in the city was bicycle theft. So we asked ourselves how to respond to this scourge and help Torontonians to continue their practice.”

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