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Who sing the John Lewis Christmas Commercial Song? [2022]

The song for the John Lewis Christmas commercial is a peculiar cover

Canción del anuncio de John Lewis | The Beginner

Whose song is played in John Lewis Christmas commercial “The Beginner”?

The Christmas commercials of this 2022 are already being released and one of the most anticipated is the John Lewis Christmas commercial. “The Beginner” is a breath of fresh air to the British department store chain’s campaigns. Skip all those traditional Christmas stories to bring us a campaign with a twist ending to educate consumers.

The piece has been directed by John Lewis’ parent agency, Adam&Eve DDB. It tells us how a middle-aged man begins to learn to ride a skateboard preparing for a special occasion but we do not visualize what it is. A story with visual codes reminiscent of the brand’s great campaigns and accompanied by emotional music. But… Whose song is John Lewis’ Christmas commercial for 2022?

The song from the Disney Christmas spot sung by Mike Geier

The John Lewis Christmas commercial song is a cover of the popular Blink 182 song “All the Small Things.” It is sung by Michael Geier, better known as Big Mike Geier. He is an American singer, actor, and entertainer acclaimed for his role as a clown called Puddles Pity Party. Since 2013 he has been releasing content under the moniker “Puddles” and is known on the Atlanta entertainment circuit.

A peculiar character to give voice to the version of “All the Small Things” by Blink 182, the song from John Lewis’s Christmas commercial from this 2022.

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