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“Delayed Flight Break Machine” gives you free Kit Kat chocolates

“Delayed Flight Break Machine” is a Kit Kat vending machine that gives you free chocolates.

We’ve loved this Kit Kat ad at the Congonhas airport, in São Paulo (Brazil). A machine that offers Kit Kat for free if your flight is delayed. An advertising campaign that recovers vending machines as the central part of an ad campaign.

Kit Kat vending machine

Kit Kat’s latest advertising campaign in Brazil consisted of giving away product at the São Paulo airport. Due to its philosophy of offering a “break” to all the people who need it, they have installed a special vending machine.

“Delayed Flight Break Machine” is an vending machine that gives you a Kit Kat if your flight is delayed. And how it works? the machine is connected to the airport system, and has a ticket scanner that recognizes whether your flight has been delayed or not. If your flight have been delayed, you will be rewarded with a free chocolate bar under the “Have a Break” message on the screen.

Via | Walter Thompson Brasil



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