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Lacoste’s 90th anniversary commercial: “Impossible encounters”

The BETC agency has carried out the advertising campaign for the event

Anuncio de Lacoste | 90 aniversario

The Lacoste commercial celebrates the 90 years of the brand and how it has impacted society.

Lacoste turns 90. The mythical brand of the crocodile is one of the most influential brands in modern society and to celebrate it he has launched this advertising campaign. In it, he reviews how Lacoste has influenced the world of sport and society throughout all this time.

Lacoste has evolved its brand perception, being at first a brand for athletes, going through an elitist brand; synonymous with a status with high purchasing power, to carry out collaborative campaigns with Netflix or Minecraft to attract new consumers.

“Impossible encounters” is the title of the Lacoste commercial to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The campaign has been carried out by the BETC agency and produced by Colors. It wants to represent the values of French elegance, creativity and reinvention of the brand for so long.

The Lacoste commercial consists of different advertising pieces in which they bring together different communities of followers of the brand around the world to form some clashing duos. Thus, we find the veterans of the Melreese Golf Club in Miami and the fans of vintage fashion from Marseille. Another piece situates Paris rappers in the 1990s with amateur tennis players from Harlem. We also find Roland Garros fans with different tennis players in Seoul.

Everything represents the transversality of the brand throughout these ninety years of history. According to the brand, the authenticity of the campaign is due to the collaboration between different local cultures. This has allowed an accurate representation of each of them.

Vitry-sur-Seine x New York – Lacoste

Sao Paulo x Tokyo – Lacoste

Paris x Seoul – Lacoste

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