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Leboncoin’s original action in the scooter ban in Paris

The ban on the transit of scooters in Paris has caused this action

Leboncoin TrottFinder

The Leboncoin platform has taken advantage of the ban on the circulation of scooters in Paris to carry out this original action.

The circulation of scooters has been banned in Paris. The French city was a pioneer in 2018 in the introduction of public electric scooters in order to promote sustainable transportation alternatives for citizens. Now, after a binding referendum, they have decided to eliminate traffic on their streets.

This measure, highly applauded among Parisians, has created new market opportunities. Among them is the sale of these scooters, an opportunity that the buying and selling website Leboncoin has not missed with this action.

“Le Trott Finder” is the title of the Leboncoin action carried out by the DDB agency in Paris. The idea is to take advantage of the market opportunity to target those Parisians who decide to sell their electric scooters. It is estimated that more than 400,000 Parisians own a scooter.

To do this, they have drawn QR codes in ten of those locations in the capital where a greater number of public scooters used to be parked. The Champ de Mars, Saint-Lazare, Le Marais or the Place de la République have been some of them.

The campaign is known as “TrottFinder”, a play on words between “Trottinette” (scooter) in French and “Finder”. It encourages passers-by to scan the QR code along with messages such as: “15,000 are lost, 22,840 are here” or “The scooters are no longer here, they are here.”

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