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This McDonald’s campaign offers us a journey through time

The agency Nord DDB has been in charge of the original advertising campaign

Campaña de McDonald's | Deal Stuck In Time

“Deals stuck in time” is the original McDonald’s campaign with which you can recover deals from the past.

Inflation has undoubtedly been one of the worst news at the end of 2022 and is still taking center stage in 2023. In addition to all this, brands try to weather the storm of price increases with promotions so that users do not give up buying their products.

One of them is McDonald’s, which has managed to carry out an original campaign where you can travel back in time and find the company’s historical offers. Thus, we will be able to find offers that date from other years and apply them in their restaurants. How have they done it?

“Deals stuck in time” is the title of the McDonald’s campaign created by the Nord DDB agency in Sweden. The idea? That users can recover old offers of McDonald’s products and apply them today.

For this, it has benefited from an update of Google Maps. And it is that now the popular platform has launched an update with which you can consult geographical locations at different times throughout history.

You will be able to consult some of the billboards that McDonald’s has been placing over time and consult the different promotions that have been placed. Once you locate these offers you can apply them on the website for the campaign.

According to Staffan Ekstam, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Sweden in a statement: “McDonald’s has been known for good deals over the years. We thought it was a good and fun idea to revive the old McDonalds deals and allow ‘travel on the time”, especially at a time when the price is discussed more than ever.”

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