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The spectacular action of Doritos with a helicopter: “Next level nachos”

The VCCP London agency has been in charge of carrying out the action.

Acción de Doritos | Next Level Nachos

Doritos stock wants to break the world record for the longest string of cheese.

One of the oldest premises of advertising is to attract attention. The more attention a product has, the more likely the consumer will buy it. Over time, this attention-grabbing has evolved in different ways; and has caused great competition between brands.

Now, when it seems that we have already seen it all, Doritos arrives to do the “even more difficult” and a clear idea: Get the longest strip of cheese.

“Next Level Nachos” is the title of the Doritos action made by the VCCP London agency, the Good Relations PR agency and produced by Girl&Bear. The idea, to get the longest string of cheese pulled from a nacho in the world.

To do this, they spared no expense and created a mountain of nachos 15 meters wide by 4.3 meters high. The area where the action took place was in Cheddar Gorge, the birthplace of Cheddar cheese. To get the largest strip of cheese in the world they had to dip a giant nacho into that mountain of cheese, a nacho that was transported by a helicopter and a specialized pilot. The result? A strip of cheese up to 15 meters long before it broke.

The Doritos action is included within the brand’s global campaign that interprets the Dorito Dippers as the protagonists of an action and fantasy film.

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