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The Powerful Nike TV Commercial: Equality has no boundaries

The latest Nike TV Commercial titled ‘Equality has no boundaries’ is a powerful ad that claims equality.

We like the tone that Nike advertising campaigns have taken using black and white images combined with gorgeous blueprints. Heir to the motivational Nike TV Commercial of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James, the American multinational delights us with ‘Equality has no boundaries’ a claiming proclamation on equality in society.

The Nike TV Commercial is a brilliant achievement, with beautiful levels of different sports fields combined with the emergence of Nike’s great stars such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, Gabby Douglas, Megan Rapinoe and Dalilah Muhammad.

Spot de Nike - Equality

The voice-over guides us through all the places where the spot takes place in a crescendo that goes from the absence of music at the beginning until the appearance of Alicia Keys slowly introducing a song of Sam Cooke titled ‘A Change is Gonna Come’. Messages like “Is this the story of the promised land?” “Here you are defined by your actions, not by your looks or beliefs” or “The ball bounces the same for all” try to vindicate part of society that is against the latest measures taken by Donald Trump.

Spot de Nike - Equality

The nomination of the tycoon as president of the United States is having a multiplier effect in the advertising campaigns of the American brands. We saw it in the last SuperBowl, a dresser that brands took to launch their messages to the world. Nobody stands still and takes the opportunity to preach the “good values” taking profit of the marketing to gain a good brand image.

Here is the Nike TV Commercial  Behind the Scenes.

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