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Nike’s commercial “You can’t stop our voice” is an ode to the power of sport

You can't Stop Us | Witness The Power of Sport | Nike

Nike continues its line of “You can’t stop our voice” with “Witness The Power of Sport”, a manifesto in favor of sport power to change things.

There are not many brands that turn their communication around like Nike has done over the years. It has explored new creative lines to position itself as a brand that cares about society. There is no doubt that the impact of the “Dream Crazy” campaign starring Colin Kaepernick was a turning point for the brand.

Its maing agency, Wieden + Kennedy, was able to react and position the brand alongside those who want to change the world. As a result, new concepts emerged, with which to create new advertising campaigns. One is “You Can’t Stop Sport Us” which brought us memorable commercials during the lockdown. The other is “You Can’t Stop Sport Our Voice” which served to protest against racism, encourage young people to vote and this campaign, which highlights the power of sport to change things.

With “Witness The Power of Sport” Nike wants to give a voice to those people who, through sport, are capable of changing things. And is that sport allows us to improve and, through discipline and determination, enjoy moments of pure joy.

But sport also allows society to be structured, to be part of a team, in a way of thinking. Nike wanted to give a voice to those athletes who are making real change in their communities through sports. Thus, apart from the main piece, “You can’t stop our voice” aims to show the work and empowerment of Chiene ‘Joy Jones, Djali Brown-Cepeda, Tamara Demery, Jahkil Jackson and Fitriya Mohamed.



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