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The Renault commercial is the story of an evolution: “The Store”

The Publicis Conseil agency has carried out a campaign to present the new electric model

Anuncio de Renault | The Store

Renault’s commercial presents its new electric model and reflects on the evolution of small businesses.

Brands see the transition to electric models as an opportunity to renew their brand perception. The car industry wants to get out of the eye of the hurricane of polluting emissions after scandals like the Volkswagen one.

We have seen brands such as BMW, Audi or Porsche launch inspiring campaigns to communicate their new electric models. Now it is the turn of the Renault advertising campaign that presents its new electric model for professionals.

“The Store” is the title of the Renault commercial made by Publicis Conseil and directed by Rodrigo Saavedra (Soldats). The piece serves to present the new Trafic Van E-Tech Electric and reviews the evolution that businesses have undergone over time.

The Renault commercial tells us the story of a small store opened by Pierre & Rose that will be transformed over the years. Successive generations of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will take advantage of the premises to reinvent themselves and adapt to changes in society.

So we went from a small grocery store in 1912 to a bakery that would later become an ice cream shop. A jump will take us to the 70s opening a vinyl store that will later become an arcade with a video store. The irruption of the internet will force the family to close the premises until years later a new generation will open a cafeteria; going back to the roots to face a new era.

The Renault commercial takes advantage of the transitions in time to present the historical models of the brand: From the Fourgon Postal (1909) to the Juvaquatre (1937-1960), and from the Estafette (1959-1980) to the Master 1 (1980-1997). ), to the New Traffic Van E-Tech Electric (2022).

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