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Paul’s Journey, the inspiring history in the last Swedish Railways ad

The last Swedish Railways ad shows us Paul’s captivating interior journey that will change his life.

We like companies that make ads that dare to break with the traditional routine and go a step further to captivate the consumer. And that is what the Swedish Railways has done for its latest tv commercial.

An surprising and unexpected communication of a railway company awaits us in Paul’s Journey, the new Swedish Railways ad. And when you expect that any slogan “we arrive punctual”, “at your service” or “maximum service and quality” appears, is when the story captivates you.


Swedish Railways AD

With a unusual commercial message and a beautiful photography Paul’s journey empathizes with the viewer as a simple story of a man embarking on a journey that will change his life forever.

Accompanied by the song “This is way” by Ida Redig, the Swedish Railway ad is a message for equality and tolerance that has captivated and surprised everyone.

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