• 30 Great Free Fonts of 2020

    30 Great Free Fonts for Designers in 2020

    Time to renew our fonts. Here you have the best free fonts for designers in 2020. Fonts are an essential part when designing. It is always recommended to work with a limited number, to maintain our essence and style, but…

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  • Tipografia de Ikea | Soffa Sans

    Ikea typography made with sofas: “Soffa Sans”

    The Ikea typography made with sofas aims to demonstrate the new sofa planning tool. We’ve been saying for some time that Ikea is becoming one of the best advertisers. The total freedom granted to the different creative departments and advertising…

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  • Ten best free fonts of 2018

    The ten best free fonts of 2018

    We review what have been ten of the best free fonts of 2018. At the end of the year it is time to take stock and compile in different sectors. In telling advertising we made a list with the best…

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  • “Sans Forgetica”, the typography that helps you improve memory

     “Sans Forgetica” is a typeface designed by the University of Melbourne to improve memory. Surely it will have happened to all of us while we study. The lack of interest and fatigue took our toll and made us not…

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  • Tipografías de los logotipos más famosos

    Discover the fonts of the most famous brands with Logofonts

    Logofonts is a project that lets us know what are the typographies of the brands in their logos. The large multinationals devote many resources to caring for their brand image. Times evolve and logos must be adapted to new technologies.…

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  • Songwriters Fonts

    “Songwriters Fonts”, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists

    Songwriters Fonts, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists like Kurt Cobain, David Bowie or John Lennon. We’ve loved this project entitled “Songwriters Fonts”, fonts based on the calligraphy of famous artists. Made by French designers Nicolas Damiens and…

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  • Best Free Fonts of 2017

    The best free fonts of 2017

    A fantastic selection with the best free fonts of 2017. Thanks to globalization, there are more professionals who decide to share their creations with the community and thus seek their own path in design’s competitive world. The world of typography…

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  • Pop Culture Typography, a mashup of pop culture fonts

     Pop Culture Typography is a mashup with the pop culture fonts of the last 30 years. Pop Culture Typography is a project by graphic artist Isaac More. The project summarizes in little more than 200 seconds three decades of…

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