Pop Culture Typography, a mashup of pop culture fonts

Pop Culture Typography is a mashup with the pop culture fonts of the last 30 years.

Pop Culture Typography is a project by graphic artist Isaac More. The project summarizes in little more than 200 seconds three decades of typographic styles of pop culture.

The typography surrounds us in every moment of our life. In the packaging of products, walking down the street, reading a magazine, opening a computer or of course in movies, series and video games. And behind a product for a large audience, there is a large number of hours designed to create the image for that product. The fonts used in movies and large productions contain a meticulous work. They do it as an integral part of the project, so that they can be remembered over time.

Pop Culture Typography

The graphic artist Isaac More has done a fantastic mashup, paying tribute to all those typographies that have accompanied us for the past 30 years. Isaac take as a base the mashup “Pop Culture” of Madeon to create his own. He has titled it “Pop Culture Typography”. In it we will find the references to a multitude of series, films and videogames that have marked our childhood. From The Simpsons, Star Wars and Stranger Things to Titanic or World of Warcraft.

The project took almost a year to finish, making the images in After Effects. If you have not recognized all the fonts of the video, we leave you with the version with the titles of each reference.

Pop Culture Typography References



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