Discover the fonts of the most famous brands with Logofonts

Tipografías de los logotipos más famosos

Logofonts is a project that lets us know what are the typographies of the brands in their logos.

The large multinationals devote many resources to caring for their brand image. Times evolve and logos must be adapted to new technologies.

But company’s brand image is so present and remembered that it makes us forget how it is built. Know how their elements have been made, and what is their typography. Now this project allows us to know what are the fonts of the most famous brands.

“Logofonts” is a project created by Emanuele Abrate, an Italian graphic designer who decided to investigate the typographies that big brands used in their logos. And he has done it in a very visual and attractive way, changing the name of the brand by the name of the typeface they use.

By doing so we see directly and understand on many occasions why the choice of source and the message that the brand wants to convey to us.

Tipografía Logo Adidas Tipografía Logo Nike Tipografía Logo Netflix Tipografía Logo Youtube Tipografía Logo Spotify Tipografía Logo Starbucks Tipografía Logo Facebook Tipografía Logo Redbull Tipografía Logo Twitter

Tipografía Logo Windows Tipografía Logo Airbnb Tipografía Logo Adobe Tipografía Logo Whatsapp Tipografía Logo Linkedin Tipografía Logo Instagram Tipografía Logo Trip Advisor


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