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Ikea typography made with sofas: “Soffa Sans”

Tipografia de Ikea | Soffa Sans

The Ikea typography made with sofas aims to demonstrate the new sofa planning tool.

We’ve been saying for some time that Ikea is becoming one of the best advertisers. The total freedom granted to the different creative departments and advertising agencies provide memorable campaigns. Not only are you analyzing the best Ikea commercials, but also seeing the best marketing campaigns of the Swedish multinational.

Now from Ikea London they surprise us with the creation of a typography made with sofas: The “Soffa Sans”.

And the new Ikea typography is inspired by the company’s new sofas planning tool. A tool so powerful that it can shape all the letters and numbers of the alphabet. Projected by Proximity London through Ikea’s Vallentuna software, we can shape signs, letters and numbers.

According to Marcos Tejedor, sales manager of Ikea United Kingdom. “We enjoy seeing how people have fun with our sofas and how they create innovative solutions. Inspired by their creativity, we launched “Soffa Sans”, the most comfortable typography in the world. Its modular shape and the wide space it leaves between the characters makes it one of the most versatile typefaces on the market. We are eager to see where it is used.”

Tipografia de Ikea | Soffa Sans

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