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The motivational Under Armour commercial made with Artificial Intelligence

The agency The Space Between and the technology company Hedgehog Lab have been in charge of the campaign

Anuncio de Under Armour hecho con Inteligencia Artificial | The Ultimate Team Talk

The Under Armour commercial is the definitive motivational speech that has been created with Artificial Intelligence.

That Artificial Intelligence is here to stay is a fact. That brands are experimenting with it, too. Surrounded by controversy and in full discussion about the destruction of qualified jobs, companies are looking for the best fit.

It is true that some controversies like Gizmodo’s do not help in the implementation of this tool, called to facilitate processes but not to replace people. In the field of advertising, brands such as McDonald’s or Citroën have made some approaches to it. Now, Under Armour is carrying out this campaign that aims to find the definitive motivational speech.

“The Ultimate Team Talk” is the title of the Under Armour commercial made with Artificial Intelligence. This aims to create the ultimate motivational speech with the help of ChatGPT 4.0. The campaign has been developed by the agency The Space Between and the collaboration of the technology company The Hedgehog Lab specialized in AI and software.

The idea of the campaign is to create the most inspiring talk in history in view of the start of the football season. To do this, they have used the ChatGPT language in its version 4.0 and fed it with various contributions from the footballers sponsored by the brand. Rudiger (Real Madrid), Alex Greenwood (Manchester City) and Trent Alexander (Liverpool) have made their suggestions to the text based on their experiences. All of these concepts were reviewed by Paul Winsper, Vice President of Sports Performance at Under Armour. This carried out a review of psychology in sports and the analysis of different motivational discourses.

Artificial Intelligence detected twelve elements with high probabilities of increasing effectiveness in a speech before a game. Among them, concepts such as “Courage and determination”, “Growth mindset” and “The team is everything” stood out.

According to Kara Trent, General Manager EMEA at Under Armour: “Under Armor empowers athletes who strive to achieve more. Training the mind and finding motivation is often neglected, even though it is an essential factor. to achieve peak performance. Listening to this speech and internalizing its messages will give team sports athletes a competitive advantage.”

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