What are Rich Snippets from Google?

¿Qué es el Rich Snippet de Google?

What are Rich Snippet on Google? Discover the featured fragments and appear in one of the most privileged positions of the search engine.

SEO, SEM, ADS or SERPS are terms that we surely did not know a few years ago but are now extremely familiar. Virtually all companies base their strategies and spend millions on positioning campaigns (SEO) or advertising campaigns on Google (SEM). Google has managed to maintain its hegemony as the main search engine on the Internet, despite the fact that other companies have tried to unseat it, without success.

But Google continues to evolve to offer new beneficial features to users. Now it is not enough to be well positioned in the first pages, nor to win the bid to appear in the reserved advertising spaces. The Rich Snippet or position zero in Google is one of the new features of the technology company. We explain what it consists of.

The Rich Snippet

¿Qué es el Rich Snippet de Google?

Google’s Rich Snippet is the so-called zero position. It is a privileged position that only appears when the search engine activates the keyword or fragment when typed by the user. A part of the text written in the news is automatically displayed that allows answering the question that the user asks. This featured and completely free content offering the answer to the user will allow many to click to learn more about what they are looking for.

This Rich Snippet or featured snippet is displayed in a simple way but with all the basics. First a summary extracted from the web page, the SEO title, an image and link to the web page. The Rich Snippet is displayed in several formats: paragraph, word list or tables with data.

How to get a Rich Snippet on Google

Getting to create a Rich Snippet depends on many factors. First of all, the writing of the news must be very clear about the keyword that the user is looking for. Examples could be headlines like What time is best to post on TikTok? o Who is the actor in the Audi advert? Google also creates Rich Snippets from recipes, job offers, or dates for concerts and sports events.

Rich Snippets de recetas

It needs to be a topical item, because if we write about an old event, the Rich Snippet is probably awarded. If we are smart and anticipate the trends that users will look for, we will have a lot to win.

What do we get with the zero position?

Rich Snippets de ofertas de trabajo

If we manage to appear in the zero position of Google or Rich Snippet, we will increase the number of clicks when responding to what the user is looking for. Obtaining the result at first sight in a fast way will encourage you to know more about what you have managed to find.

But one of the standout features is that featured snippets appear in voice searches. Without a doubt, appearing as a result when a user asks Alexa or Siri is a factor to take into account for future searches.

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