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Adidas turns athletes into billboards with “Running Billboard”

The Adidas campaign was the idea of M&C Saatchi Stockholm

Campaña de Adidas | Running Billboard

Adidas’ funny campaign offers you discounts if you catch the athletes.

Despite being one of the oldest means of advertising, outdoor advertising does not stop getting the most out of creative ideas. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, another brand comes along with a surprising idea.

We saw it recently with the Pepsi billboard to show that the color blue refreshes more than red. Or when the BBC burned down a billboard to denounce climate change. Not to mention the 3D billboards, so fashionable today.

Now, Adidas has wanted to go a step further by turning athletes… into billboards. And it has done so to promote its latest Bluetooth headphones.

“Running Billboard” is the title of the Adidas campaign created by creative agency M&C Saatchi Stockholm. The reason? The launch of the new Adidas FWD-02 headphones, designed especially for runners. And to celebrate it, a discount of up to 50% of its original price, €169, was offered.

To get the discount, you just had to scan the QR code printed… on a constantly moving billboard. The Adidas campaign had the collaboration of the elite runners of the Stockholm Run Club who, with a poster attached to their back, appeared along the most popular running routes in the Swedish city.

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