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Amazon’s Christmas commercial: “Joy is Made”

The Christmas campaign has been directed by acclaimed director Taika Waititi

Anuncio de Navidad de Amazon | Joy is Made

Amazon’s Christmas commercial is an emotive story of generosity from a father to his daughter.

One of the most anticipated big Christmas commercials is usually that of Amazon. The American multinational has been delighting us for years with great creative campaigns, becoming one of the most anticipated advertisements.

After the fantastic “The Show Must Go On” in 2020 and “Kindness, the greatest gift” in 2021; this year sends us a message of joy and generosity when we do something for others.

“Joy is Made” is the title of Amazon’s Christmas commercial. It has been made by the Lucky Generals agency, produced by Hungry Man and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Taika Waititi. The latter responsible for large advertising campaigns such as “Save Ralph” or “The Letter”, the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial.

Amazon’s Christmas commercial is a love story from a father to his daughter. This shows an attachment to a snowball during the holidays that the father will try to replicate on a real scale. Thanks to the generosity of the community, he will place some products on the platform to recreate the gigantic snowball.

According to Ed. Smith, Amazon Europe Marketing General Manager: “We are constantly inspired by the inventive spirit of Amazon customers. We wanted to tell a story with a different take on the generosity and joy you get from doing something special for someone. you love. We’re happy to play a small part in creating that joy, but the hero of the story is a father’s love for his daughter.”

The Amazon Christmas commercial song is titled “You Hold Me Up” and is sung by artist “The Bones of J.R. Jones”

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