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The Amazon’s Christmas ad is starring by its logo at boxes

The Amazon’s Christmas ad is starring by its logo smile at boxes.

We liked Amazon’s Christmas ad. The American multinational of e-commerce initiates Christmas campaign with a funny spot titled “Give”. The ad is carried out by the smile of the logo printed on the boxes.

With a record turnover this Christmas campaign (if we include the Black Friday) expects an increase in online purchases of 15%.


Amazon's Christmas Ad

They have made a funny spot titled “Give” to start the Christmas campaign. In it, the iconic smile of the logo in the boxes comes alive to spread its joy to the recipient of the package. The Amazon’s Christmas ad is based on a simple and emotional story; where we see the entire shipping process from when the consumer buys a product until it arrives. Throughout this process, the boxes sing to the sound of “Give a Little Bit” by Supertramp. And they show us the conveyor belt, the storage, the distribution in trucks, ships and airplanes until reaching the recipient.

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  1. Give a Little Bit is one of my all time favorites from Supertramp’s founder, Roger Hodgson. It’s amazing that he wrote this song while he was still in his teens. The timeless universal message is just as relevant today, if not more so, than when the song was released. Very cleaver use of the song in the Amazon advert. Brought a smile to my face. Check out this video of Roger performing his song –

  2. I love this song. Always brings that feeling to enjoy all together. Give a Little Bit is still alive nowadays, because its message is a message of love. It’s very powerful. Always a highlight in Roger Hodgson’s shows, because, he, as the composer of this great song, almost an anthem, always put on their feet the audiences and sing along and spread so much fun and joy, so, it’s a perfect match with the idea of the advert, spreading smiles and love, exactly the same as Roger Hodgson does in every show all around the globe. What a great message! That smile in the little girl’s face is the smile everybody draw when the first chords of this song sound, and, even more, that smile is there during much time after hearing it, and if you attend one of Roger’s shows you’re singing it over and over. Its message is nowadays even more important than ever. It feels so good when you give yourself to others, when you smile to others. What a powerful message!!

  3. It is very cute and touching, what I love is how the song makes me feel – so uplifted and joining in to sing from the heart. Give a little Bit has been one of my favorite songs by Roger Hodgson since it first came out, I have the lyrics here to sing along with and it amazes me that Roger wrote this song when he was only 19. Just imagine all of the ripples of kindness sent into the world from hearing this magically inspiring song and you can sing too here are the lyrics : )

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