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The precious Apple commercial for Airpods: “Bounce”

Anuncio de Airpods de Apple

The Apple commercial for Airpods is a precious piece where we see the protagonist bouncing through the streets.

There are times when Apple surprises us with their ads. They are usually of an impeccable technical bill and with an enviable sense of style. But many times they sin of originals. It is as if they had put the autopilot and made more and more of the same. A general feeling and accentuated by the departure of Jony Ive, chief designer of the brand to found his own company.

But there are also times when the Cupertino brand surprises us. Gone are those innovative ads that surprised everyone and that we review in our list of the best ads from Apple. But still we have been delighted with great pieces like Welcome Home, directed by Spike Jonze.

Now, to present their new Airpods, they have made a beautiful and funny announcement where the protagonist is bouncing around the streets. Directed by Oscar Hudson, “Bounce” is the commercial of Apple’s airpods. Filmed entirely outside in Kiev, the piece avoids the use of special effects.

For this, the set was designed so that the actor could perform the jumps without any danger. They had to build the atmosphere two meters above the ground so that the momentum in the trampolines was as high as possible.

Via | Criatura Creativa



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