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The funny Apple commercial is an auction of your personal data

The company focuses on the security of its devices

Anuncio de Apple | Privacy on iPhone

Apple’s commercial is part of its “Privacy on iPhone” series, focusing on the security of personal data.

The controversies related to the theft of private data have been taking place since smartphones burst onto the market. What once seemed like good ideas represented in an app has led to hidden doors to spy on us and obtain our private data and then market with them.

Companies like Facebook, Google and others have been singled out for their bad practices. An opportunity that Apple has not wasted to show the benefits in terms of data security on its mobile devices.

Thus, Apple’s commercial is included in the series “Privacy on iPhone” in which the company shows off the security of its devices to prevent the theft of personal data.

This time, the campaign is titled “Data Auction.” In it we see a young protagonist attend an auction of her data where what is marketed is all her information. From emails, pharmacy purchases, geolocations, browsing history or phone contacts.

According to Apple: “Over the past decade, a large and opaque industry has been amassing ever-increasing amounts of personal data. A complex ecosystem of websites, apps, social media, and ad-tech companies track users by collecting their personal data.”

A company report each mobile app has an average of six built-in trackers. Apple devices allow you to remove this tracking automatically.

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