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Best John Lewis Adverts for Christmas

John Lewis Best Christmas Commercials

We review the best Christmas adverts of John Lewis.

The British department store chain John Lewis has earned the merit of being the one who inaugurates the season of Christmas adverts in the world of advertising. And it’s hard to believe when it was only in 2007 that they released their first television spot entitled ‘Shadows’, with the idea of differentiating themselves from their closest competition. Few would think that it would become an advertising phenomenon thanks to globalization, the internet and viralization.

From the Telling, advertising agency we are going to review the best Christmas adverts of John Lewis from 2007 to the present. A review of recent advertising history, seen by millions of people around the world each year.

2007: ‘Shadows’

We started our review of the best John Lewis Christmas commercials with the first commercial that started it all. With the idea of differentiating itself from the competition, John Lewis’s first Christmas advert was directed by Michael Gracey and promised a more refined retail experience than other British chains.

Agency: Lowe London
Director: Michael Gracey

2008: ‘From Me To You’

John Lewis’ Christmas ad in 2008 introduced song covers, which have become a central axis of campaigns to this day. An echo of the Christmas hits generated by the X Factor that the John Lewis networks have been catapulting year after year to the highest echelons of the top40.

Agency: Lowe London
Director: Malcolm Venville

2009: ‘Sweet Child Of Mine’

In 2009 John Lewis’s Christmas ad changed advertising agency. The account was won by new agency Adam + Eve and they ran an ad that increased sentimentality thanks to a cover of the popular Guns N ‘Roses song.

Agency: Adam+Eve
Director: Benito Montorio

2010: ‘A Tribute To Givers’

Elton John’s song ‘Your Song’ starred in John Lewis’ 2010 Christmas ad that focused on those who think and prepare Christmas presents. The combination of emotional music and images had an emotional impact on the spot.

Agency: Adam+Eve
Director: Eric Lynne

2011: ‘The Long Wait’

2011 was the year John Lewis earned his advert in the Advertising Hall of Fame. If we talk about the best John Lewis Christmas commercials, without a doubt this is the one that takes the cake. The impatience of a young boy for the big day and the final twist of the spot directed by Dougal Wilson fell in love with the British, catapulting John Lewis spots to another level.

Agency: Adam+Eve
Director: Dougal Wilson

2012: ‘The Journey’

After ‘The Long Wait’ there were high expectations for John Lewis’ next Christmas ad, which was again directed by Dougal Wilson. It was the first spot after the rise of Twitter, which delivered an instant verdict and catapulted the spot into a Global scale never seen before The story of the snowman reached the whole world thanks to the viralization of the social network.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Dougal Wilson

2013: ‘The Bear and the Hare’

Expectations for the John Lewis spot were already at the highest every year. In 2013 they made a small teaser during the intermission of the popular Poirot series on Wednesday night that revolutionized social networks. Shortly after, they surprised us with a total turn of style with respect to the previous ones with a small animated gem that had a bear and a hare as protagonists.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Elliot Dear / Yves Geleyn

2014: ‘Monty the Penguin’

The 2014 commercial was once again directed by Dougal Wilson and under the slogan “Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of” they told us the story of a young man who plays and shares his day to day with a Monty, a perfectly recreated penguin via CGI and it cost close to a million pounds.

Agencia: adam&eveDDB
Director: Dougal Wilson

2015: ‘Man on the Moon’

The 2015 ad took a risk with a different proposal, telling us the story of a girl who discovered an older man living on the moon. Under the slogan ‘Show Someone They’re loved this Christmas’, the plot twist compared to other years makes this spot a rare and different piece.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Kim Gehrig

2016: ‘Buster the Boxer’

For the 2016 commercial, Dougal Wilson was directed again, recovering a story based on CGI animated animals that worked so well in the past. A story of a father of a family who assembles an elastic mat to give to her daughter on Christmas day but at night all kinds of animals such as squirrels, porcupines and skunks start jumping on it.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Dougal Wilson

2017: ‘Moz the Monster’

The 2017 advert features Moz, a huge, snoring under-the-bed monster with puppy dog eyes. The director behind Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Michel Gondry, was called in to make the two-minute ad. Aside from working with middle England’s favourite shop he is known for his video collaborations with artists including Radiohead, Björk and Daftpunk. The soundtrack to the advert is a classic Beatles song, Golden Slumbers from the 1969 Abbey Road album, re-recorded by rock band Elbow.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Dougal Wilson
The news in our blog: Moz the Monster

2018: ‘Elthon John Lewis’

In 2018 they took a turn in their imagination to tell us the story of little Elton John. The life of the popular musician and how he succeeded after receiving a piano as a Christmas gift when he was 4 years old.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director:Seb Edward
The news in our blog: Elton John Lewis

2019: ‘Excitable Edgar’

In 2019 the agency once again entrusted the direction to Dougal Wilson for the commercial “Excitable Edgar”. Little Edgar gets excited easily and can’t control the fire coming out of his nose. Despite his efforts to adapt to the snowy environment and to be able to spend time with those around him, his dragon status prevents him from doing so. His intentions are good, but the result of his excitement is chaos in his environment. Melt the snowmen, the ice rinks or the Christmas tree in the center of town.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Dougal Wilson
The news in our blog: Excitable Edgar

2020: ‘Give a Little Love’

In 2020, the adam & eveDDB agency made a different approach to John Lewis’s Christmas advertisement with a chain of animations made by different artists, each with their own style. Of course, the chosen theme is a universal theme for this 2020: the importance of sharing goodness and love.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director:Oscar Hudson
The news in our blog: Give a Little Love

2021: ‘Unexpected Guest’

In 2021, “Unexpected Guest” brought us the friendship story between Nathan and Skye, an alien who crashes his ship in the forest. After a year of pandemic, the brand sought to reflect those feelings that we have all had and look towards a brighter future.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
Director: Mark Molloy
The news in our blog: Unexpected Guest

2022: ‘The Beginner’

“The Beginner” is the story of a middle-aged man learning to ride a skateboard. The clumsiness of his task causes him blows and bruises but he does not give up on his efforts. We see that he is preparing for a special occasion but we do not visualize what he is. It is not until the end of the campaign that we discover the cake and the real message of the campaign.

Agency: adam&eveDDB
The news in our blog: The Beginner

So far comes the review of the best Christmas ads by John Lewis, undoubtedly recent history of advertising in which each year they have been exceeded to surprise practically everyone.



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