Best Christmas Commercials 2021

John Lewis’s advert for this Christmas: “Unexpected Guest”

Anuncio de Navidad de John Lewis 2021

One of the adverts of the year arrives, John Lewis’s Christmas announcement brings us a very special guest.

We definitely have Christmas here. And it is that for years, the John Lewis Christmas adverts have been acquiring an importance that we practically associate with the beginning of the Christmas campaign. And, despite the fact that there are many Christmas campaigns carried out, they always find a story to surprise.

After giving us a crazy tribute to Elton John and getting excited with “Give a Little Love” last year; This tells us the story of Nathan and a very special friend.

“Unexpected Guest” is the title of John Lewis’ Christmas advert made by Adam & Eve / DDB agency. In it we see Nathan return home after school as he sees a flying object fall over the forest. Upon arrival he meets Skye, an alien who has crashed her ship.

Step by step a friendship is forged guided by Nathan’s innocence, who communicates with her through Christmas objects. They eat Christmas cupcakes and watch movies together. When Skye has managed to repair the ship, she says goodbye to Nathan with an innocent kiss on the cheek.

According to Claire Pointon, Consumer Director at John Lewis: “After what we’ve been through in the past eighteen months, we wanted our ad to reflect those sentiments as we look to a brighter future. Through the story of Nathan and Skye we pay tribute to friendship and we evoke what it means to enjoy Christmas for the first time”.

The John Lewis Christmas commercial has been directed by Mark Molloy and produced by Smuggler.

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John Lewis Best Christmas Commercials

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